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- Concentration is the key element to connecting with your mind and body. Pay attention to the movements that you perform and note how your muscles respond to the attention. When you focus on an area, notice how much more you can feel that area working;

- Control is at the core of each movement and movements must be performed with the utmost control to avoid injury and produce positive results. NO Pilates exercise is done just for the sake of getting through it;

- Centre is described as the area between the ribs and the hips at both front and back parts of the torso and in Pilates is called the "Powerhouse". All energy for the Pilates exercises initiate from the powerhouse and flows outward to the extremities, there are many ways to connect the powerhouse, so think about doing the zipper up on a pair of pant a size to small then lifting up the pelvic floor muscles, always keeping the navel to spine;

- Breathing is an important physical principle to refine. Employing full inhalations and full exhalations will help to control your movements both during the exercises and in daily life, keeping your navel drawn back to the spine on both the in and out breath to support your spine,;

- Precision of movement leads to more graceful movements. Choose to focus on doing one precise and perfect movement over many halfhearted ones. Eventually, this precision will become second nature to you;

- Fluidity of movement while exercising leads to fluidity of movement when not exercising. A focus on grace of motion is emphasised over speed, and ultimately the movements should feel as fluid as a long stride or waltz;

- Imagination is the key to spurring your body to action through an undercurrent of creative thought. Use your mind's eye to enhance your physical movement;

- Intuition is something we tend to take for granted. Most of us push our bodies through pain, sickness & exhaustion. The Pliates method is based upon the ideal of well-being. If something hurts, stop! You are acting as your own guardian & is vital that you trust what feels right and what doesn't;

Integration is the ability to see your body as a comprehensive whole. Do not isolate certain muscles & neglect others. Uniformly developed muscles are the key to good posture, suppleness & natural grace. Through integration, you will learn to use every muscle simultaneously to achieve your goal.

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